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Chalmers is a meeting place where you who are active in the industry, work for authority or are active in our society in other ways can take help from our researchers to solve problems and build conditions for sustainable development. Locally and globally. The tasks are many. 

Collaborating with industry and society is the most comprehensive part of the Department's utilisation​

Through partnership agreements, we can strengthen each other 

For society and industry to develop, we must stimulate entrepreneurs and develop ideas. Chalmers has an innovation system that helps researchers find the development opportunities within their own research, translate ideas into products and take care of patents and other intellectual property rights that can benefit you. We can also assist you as decision-makers with reliable and easy-to-understand data to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society. Through strategic partnership agreements, we can strengthen the ties with each other and benefit from each other's strengths. 

Get in touch 

Do you have an idea of how we could work together? Contact one of our division heads or our head of department who is responsible for utilisation at the department for more information about collaboration.

Please contact any of our division managers or head of the Department responsible for utilisation, for more information.

Page manager Published: Sat 24 Sep 2022.