Human and Automation Optimisation

This research group within Human and Automation Optimisation focus on cognitive and physical automation to support future production systems. In this holistic view, KPIs, Social Sustainability and Triggers for Change are included as measurable parameters. 

Furthermore, organisational issues regarding automation strategies are investigated. The goal is to make the future production system sustainable by creating an atmosphere; tools to support the operators and an attractive workplace were the humans are in the centre. In order to succeed the group have a close cooperation with industries, institutes and academia, both on an international and national level.

Research areas:

Technologies and methods

Testing and developing new technologies or old technologies in a new context. Examples are: testing an Iphone for assembly instructions, designing prototype applications for dynamic work tasks. Developing methodologies in order to in a structured way choose the right Level of Automation in the system. Examples of developed methods are: DYNAMO, DYNAMO++, CXI, ProAct-loop.

Information systems

Developing and investigating standards, ontology and structural hierarchies in order to support the technical solutions. Further, to investigate the structure of the information in order to support different resources (man or machine) with different types of competences in different complex tasks. Examples are: development of the concept model, carrier and content division of information, organisational issues regarding the strategies, design and hierarchies of information systems.

Resource allocation and Task allocation

Developing and investigating methods, tools and IS in order to choose the right resource for the right task in an optimal way. Examples are: Level of Competence and competence matrixes, role allotment in a production system, empowerment among the operators.

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Members of the group

Sven Ekered, Research Engineer. Focus on teaching and running the CSI Lab
Per Nykvist, Research Engineer, Focus on robotics
Malin Tarrar , PhD Student. Focus on XPlec for measuring the effect of automation and ICT implementation.
Pierre Johansson, Industrial PhD Student. Focus on globalization and standardization of information.
Dan Li, PhD Student, Focus on knowledge sharing

Stena Industry Innovation Laboratory

The research group runs a laboratory and demonstration facility for the next generation production systems. Fast communication systems, open robotic environment and augmented reality assembly are offered. Here, future engineers are trained and the lab also provides opportunities for industry to test new technology opportunities in the practical test beds. The new production laboratory is located at Chalmers Campus Lindholmen.

The lab corresponds well to the concepts found within the German production venture Industrie 4.0, which is based on the concepts of "Internet of Things", cloud services and advanced production technology. The expected impact is extremely quick and easy communication between products, machines, people and businesses but also substantial streamlining of communication between the various stages of product value chains.

The new equipment will provide the users with knowledge of digitized production and an understanding of how, when and where to use the new digital tools. It is about how products, machinery and people shall communicate with each other and with other systems.

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