Picture of three people. Ilaria Barletta close to the camera smiling with a recorder in her hand and two of her guests.
Ilaria​ Barletta hosts the DigiTalk Pod where guests from industry and academia talks about digitalization in the production area, from different points of view. Here together witn Daniel Nåfors and Maja Bärring, PhD students at the division of Production Systems. Photo: Carina Schultz​​​​​​​

DigiTalk – a podcast about digitalization in production

The DigiTalk podcast is about digitalization and how it is going to change the way we produce and use things. The host, Ilaria Barletta, and her guests looks at digitalization, not as the end goal, but as a mean to achieve meaningful goals for the industry: competitiveness, effectiveness and sustainability. 

The focus is in the scope of digitalization and how to solve specific problems in production: prioritizing maintenance interventions, optimize the energy consumption in production, connecting information throughout the supply chain, among others.

This podcast is produced by the Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers University of Technology and the Production Area of Advance.

Page manager Published: Fri 17 Jan 2020.