Systems Engineering Design

The group studies the product development process and its participants in product developing companies in order to understand their problems and needs. This knowledge gained is then transformed into better work procedures, development methods and computer-based tools. A special interest is platform-based development, which is a widely adopted strategy for balancing the conflict between reuse and demands on customization.

The aim of the research conducted within this theme is to significantly contribute to a new system family based platform description approach that, in a PLM environment, will provide a ground for reuse of assets in terms of knowledge in all product development phases as well as in production, i.e. from early requirement specification and concept development phases to the final detail system design phase and in production.

Group leader

Ola Isaksson



Johan Malmqvist

Hans Johannesson

Dag Bergsjö

Lars Almefelt

Göran Gustafsson

Mats Alemyr

Massimo Panarotto​


PhD students

Lars Ivansen​

Jonas Landahl

Jakob Müller

Visakha Raja

Maria Daniela Irene Siiskonen ​

Daniel Stenholm

Mikael Ström

Ivar Örn Arnarsson

Malin Hane Hagström

Olivia Borgue

Guest researchers

Dag Raudberget

Amer Catic

Michael Kokkolaras

Timo Kero


Published: Wed 26 Apr 2017. Modified: Mon 04 Feb 2019