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Action on equal treatment at Chalmers must form the basis for a sustainable working life for Chalmers students and employees. Equal treatment is about attitudes and values, but also covers gender balance, health, development opportunities and salaries. Equal treatment efforts at Chalmers focus on strategic issues and prevention. Chalmers also works with special initiatives to promote gender equality. Chalmers has a policy decision on gender mainstreaming that describes a part of the higher education institution’s efforts to integrate gender equality into all its activities. The aim of gender mainstreaming is that Chalmers should become a more gender-equal university, from both a qualitative and a quantitative point of view, by examining processes, improving procedures and reviewing resource allocation.


Chalmers has a gender equality policy (Reg. no. C2022-0141) in line with the EU’s requirements as set out in the Gender Equality Plan, GEP. The equal treatment policy is supplemented by internal work on equal treatment/gender equality issues that are undertaken at a local level by the higher education institution’s departments. The Department of Industrial and Materials Science conducts its equal treatment and gender equality work both strategically and operationally. These issues are addressed by the departmental management with the support of a local equal treatment group and in consultation with the department’s gender equality representative. The department has as its goal to include equal treatment aspects in all decisions and processes, the aim being to have decision-making processes that are thought through and transparent. The department also works with practical knowledge initiatives, projects and techniques to create a more equal environment for all students and employees. The local gender equality work is planned annually and is monitored on an ongoing basis by the Gender Equality Group and departmental management.

Initiatives for Gender equality at Chalmers

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