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​Vinh Tu (middle) presented his master thesis in which he investigated the bifunctional performance of a microporous structural battery electrolyte. Here together with his supervisors Ralf Jänicke (left) and Leif Asp. The presentation was held at EUROMAT, Europe's largest material conference with over 2000 participants (picture to the right)​​. ​


Vinh-win in European master thesis competition

During the EUROMAT conference in Stockholm, a true Vinh-win situation happened. Vinh Tu, Chalmers University of Technology, was selected as one of the winners of Europe's top master theses 2019 on Materials Science and Engineering.​
The master thesis of Vinh Tu, former master student within Applied Mechanics, was selected by the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) as one of Europe's top master theses 2019 on Materials Science and Engineering. Vinh was invited to attend the EUROMAT congress that took place in Stockholm 1-5 September. He presented his work during the final round of the master thesis competition. The prize committee awarded him with a fantastic 2nd place.

A close up on the diploma“To me, this is a proof that we do world class research," says professor Leif Asp, one of Vinh’s supervisors. "Out of all material science societies around Europe, they identified four finalists. One of them came from Chalmers and he ended up in second place. Clearly, we do things that interest people and is viewed upon as something original and strong." 

The competition started last year and is based on the nomination by the different materials science societies across Europe, currently 23 member societies. Vinh Tu was selected to represent Sweden on behalf of the Swedish Society for Materials Technology (SFMT) and he was surprised by the nomination:

“I feel very honored and happy that I got to participate in the competition. It was also very fun to attend such a large conference with so many interesting presentations. This couldn’t have been possible without the constant support of my supervisors at the division."

“This is really outstanding, and I think it’s quite a success story for Vinh as well as for our department. I also found it particularly remarkable that Vinh as a student from Applied Mechanics wins an award from Materials Science community.​

Vinh Tu​ is now a PhD student at the Divison of Material and Computational Mechanics

Supervisors: Ralf Jänicke, Leif Asp, Fredrik Larsson and Kenneth Runesson, all from the Division of Material and Computational Mechanics, Department of Industrial and Materials Science​

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Text and photo: Carina Schultz

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