Tough race for this year's product development master students

With a limited selection of styrofoam, rubber bands, gears and a lot of inventiveness, the new master students built racing vehicles for the traditional PD Classic Race.
​During a challenging week, the Product Development master students managed to build small vehicles for the traditional competition PD Classic, a race where the vehicles have to cope with a difficult track, including asphalt, ice, water and gravel. This year's competition was even and tough, but the judges Lars Almefelt, Kanishk Bhadani and Ali Davoodi could finally proclaim two winners. 

In the "Design and Innovation" class, Team Purple Pearl, got an extra plus in the motivation for the robust construction, the protective hood over the electronics and fancy skulls as design elements.

Team Rally Ralf took home the prize in the "Performance" class, which with a classic, reduced design won thanks to even cut times in the races.

Competition officer and supervisor during the week was Luisa Zlatoidska, student at the second year on the Master's Program Product Development.

More pictures from the construction and competition

Text and photo: Carina Schultz

Team Rally Ralf

Team Purple Pearl.

Published: Wed 19 Sep 2018. Modified: Thu 20 Sep 2018