Product development project exhibition - 2022

​In the master's program Product Development, students work in teams for six months in a project course. All projects are done in collaboration with the industry and are based on current and real problems. The students' task is to explore solutions that, in addition to a project report, are also presented with models and prototypes in an exhibition.
Pd exhibitionA total of twelve projects were presented, all of which have links to companies that have been involved as partners. The students are assigned a project and there are approximately between five and seven students in each project, and there is a supervisor from both the academy and the industry. There are a lot of variations in the project assignments and directions. This year has covered everything from 3D printing in space to developing automatic dosing for dishwashers.

“This course is important because the way you work in a team to solve an overall problem is very close to real-life engineering. Therefore, it is also important that students get to work with topical project proposals that have been prepared by committed engineers or entrepreneurs from industry”, says the examiner Lars Almefelt.

One of the project proposals from IKEA was about developing concepts for sound-absorbing furnishings for use in private homes. In addition to functional sound attenuation there were also demands of aesthetics and easy installation. Daniel Stjernqvist, Product design engineer at IKEA, was impressed by the students' work.

“The final product will probably look different. But I think that what the students have developed is very interesting, and all of the concepts will definitely be considered and discussed in our development work for this type of product”, says Daniel.

The industry connection and the production of prototypes also seem to be appreciated by the students themselves.

“If you have a goal that is based on a real problem, it is easier to find a solution. It has also been very fun to work practically with developing a prototype”, says Eric Jarnestål, who has been part of a project to develop 3D printing of composites.

Pd exhibitionLouise Andersson, whose team worked on developing transport systems for modules for wind turbines, is on the same track.

“It has been both interesting and fun to work with real companies. During the project we had to make adjustments in our product based on the fact that the real-life conditions changed during the work. So, it's very much like working on a real project”, she says.

Lukas Iloson and Rafid Kadhim, whose team worked on a solution for temperature control of lithium-ion batteries in vans, talked about how they initially had some concerns on how they could put something together something that looked like a finished product.

“Yes, in the beginning we had some concerns because it felt a bit overwhelming, and we didn’t feel that comfortable with the area of batteries. But we used the engineering methods we learned during our studies at Chalmers and then broke down the problems into smaller parts. It actually worked very well, and we managed to find a concept that we are very pleased with”, they both say.

The exhibition has been halted during the covid pandemic and Lars Almefelt is pleased that it could be arranged again this year. "We are of course very happy to have a real exhibition on site again - it is the first time in three years!"

Text & photo: Marcus Folino

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All projects

Procada – Metal 3D-printer for use in space
ZYYX Labs – 3D printing filament dryer
BICO – Bio-automation
POW – Enabling the circular economy through LSAM and recycled fishing nets
Modvion – Transport system for wooden wind power tower modules
IKEA – Sound absorbing solution for ceilings
Ericsson – “Fool proof” grounding kit for MINI-LINK radio cables
GKN – Acoustic liners for low noise turbine exhaust structures in jet engines
Modul-System – Climate control system for lithium-ion batteries
ASKO appliances – Detergent powder autodose
Satcube – Satellite communication terminals for global broadband connectivity
SSRS – Rescue boat towing arrangements.

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