Tomas Hermansson

New methods for dealing with deformation in virtual product realization

Tomas Hermansson, Product Development IMS/Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre, new doctor IMS.
In his thesis he presents new methods for design, verification and planning that take special account of the deformation of cables and hoses.
​Popular science description
In the industry of today, virtual tools are widely used in the realization of a new product. As quality problems and late changes in the design and the production of the product can be extremely costly, much can be gained from discovering and addressing problems as early as possible using simulation. This holds specifically true when deformable 1D objects, such as electrical cables and hydraulic hoses, are involved. These types of objects are slender, or one-dimensional (1D), and are usually significantly deformed when subject to external forces and moments. This may cause quality problems and unexpected contact with other objects during both the production and the life-span of a product. 

This thesis presents a set of novel methods for virtual design, planning and verification regarding deformable 1D objects. The methods allow for automatically finding a routed design of the object, verifying the routed design with respect to both geometrical variation and assembly and improving operations in production with respect to deformation. The methods rely on an efficient simulation model based on rod theory for computing deformations in accurate agreement with reality. As a result, the methods are today used at several global companies in the automotive industry, including Volvo Cars, BMW and Ford Motor Company. Together with existing virtual tools, they contribute to shorter development times, fewer physical prototypes and production test series and, in the end, a product of a higher quality.

Public defence
2021-03-26 09:00 -- 13:30
Examiner: Rikard Söderberg, IMS
Opponent: Dr. Sotiris Makris, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras, Greece

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