​From left: Professor Rikard Söderberg, Head of Department of Industrial and Materials Science, Professor Ragnar Larsson, Division division of Material and Computational Mechanics, adj. prof. Peter Linde, Airbus, Ann Linde, Minister for EU Affairs and Trade, and Professor Leif Asp, division of Material and Computational Mechanics.

Minister for EU Affairs and Trade on visit at Chalmers

​In conjunction with the installation lecture on 4 September, Ann Linde, Minister for EU Affairs and Trade, visited the department for a brief presentation of the new cooperation with Airbus and the researchers at the Division of Material and Computational Mechanics.
​“I'm very proud that my cousin, Peter Linde, has been appointed adjunct professor at Chalmers. There are major societal challenges where research collaboration with industry is important. Since Sweden has the ambition to become the world's first fossil-free welfare state, it requires development in many areas. The research on lightweight materials and lower fuel consumption is an example.”

What issues are relevant now, given the situation in the outside world?

"The worst threat right now is whether we enter a trade war. Sweden is very dependent on exports and about half of our GDP come from exports. In addition, 70% of the export go to the EU's internal market, so when Britain leaves, it becomes an extremely difficult challenge for Sweden. For example, the UK is our largest exporting country for services. And cooperation between universities and industries will also be complicated.”

"What I've heard about today has been incredibly exciting. I hope I get the opportunity to visit Chalmers again, Ann Linde concludes.

Text and photo: Carina Schultz

Published: Thu 06 Sep 2018. Modified: Wed 19 Sep 2018