Massimo Panarotto - new Associate professor IMS

​​Massimo held his promotion lecture "Multi-technology integrated products – can their value be assessed during design? " for Associate professor "oavlönad docent" IMS on March 2, 2021.
Massimo Panarotto, Researcher at Chalmers since 2017. His research is focused on developing value-driven models and methods to support the early stages of product development. The research is conducted in collaboration with companies in the space, aeronautics and automotive sectors. He got his PhD in mechanical engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2015, and a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Padua in 2011. Massimo is member of the Design Society and author of over 40 publications in the fields of systems engineering and engineering design. He has also taught more than 10 courses in the mechanical engineering and industrial economics degree programmes. 

Product development projects frequently struggle in integrating new radical technologies (combining mechanical, electrical, and software elements) into innovative products that add value to the stakeholders. One of the reasons is that the value of new technologies is often compared “in isolation” (i.e., a new technology is compared in terms of how it improves the performances of an existing technology). Opportunities are missed for technologies which may present a lower level of performance compared to an existing technology, but that provide higher benefits when looking at the behaviour of the whole system over the lifecycle (e.g., in production, use or service). This is because novel technologies - of radical nature - establish new interactions and linkages with other elements of the system in ways that are unprecedent.  
This presentation highlights, through real-life examples from product development projects, the difficulties of assessing value when new technologies from different domains are integrated into advanced products and systems. Also, the presentation describes how these difficulties can be solved through the application of value-driven design techniques, in which engineering-based models are combined with financial-based models to support collaborative decision-making during the early product development phases. 

Page manager Published: Tue 02 Mar 2021.