Maral Babapour

Chalmers researcher awarded with work environment prize

​Maral Babapour is the 2021 recipient of the Swedish Engineers' Work Environment Award - the Levi Award. She is praised for her research on how activity-based offices affect individuals and groups from a business perspective.
Maral Babapour's research on activity-based offices has previously received a great deal of attention, and her doctoral dissertation is one of Chalmers' most downloaded. Maral is now also awarded the Levi Prize, which is Sweden's Engineers' work environment prize in memory of Professor Emeritus Lennart Levi.

"I am incredibly happy and grateful to have received the prestigious Levi award. My current research is about the consequences of the pandemic year for the work environment, technology use, workplace design, and sustainable development linked to office work, says Maral Babapour."

Motivation of the jury

"In her dissertation, Maral shows why some activity-based offices work and others do not. The results show success factors and shortcomings linked to workplace design, as well as the design process, that is the development of office concepts. Maral's research topic is highly actual and in demand by employers, trade unions and interest groups. Maral's dissertation is one of the most downloaded publications at Chalmers."


Page manager Published: Thu 01 Jul 2021.