Brina Blinzler
​Brina Blinzler receives a grant of one million sek from the Hasselblad Foundation

Hasselblad Foundation awards bio-based material research

​Brina Blinzler is the 2018 recipient of Hasselblad Foundation’s annual research grant for female researchers. The grant will be used to increase the understanding of how to make bio-based composites, which will lead to a variety of new sustainable materials.
​There is an ever-increasing demand for a variety of sustainable materials: materials that consume less energy to manufacture, materials that can be recycled or reused, materials that require safer chemical processing and materials that are derived from sustainable, non-food competing resources.

Bio-based structural material technology available today allows us to breakdown and sort natural fibers into many varieties, such as nanofibrils and cellulose nanocrystals. These nanomaterials are derived from the most abundant natural polymer in the world, cellulose.

Brina believes it is possible to process high quality composite reinforcement from natural plant-based materials and to derive sustainable resins compatible with these reinforcements.

-    I’m very glad and excited to receive this grant from the Hasselblad Foundation. It will allow me to pursue bio-based polymer composite research in three key areas, says Brina.

First, predicting the microstructure of cured composite parts.

Second, predicting the mechanical, moisture absorption, thermal, and electrical properties of cured composite parts.

Third, developing tools for material specialists to design custom multifunctional composite materials for specific purposes.

Brina is here congratulated by the Hasselblad Foundation chairman,
Göran Bengtsson, and
CEO Christina Backman.

By combining these three research areas, I can begin to build an approach for predicting the microstructure and multifunctional properties of the resulting composite materials.

About Brina

Brina Blinzler is Assistant professor at the Division of material- and computational mechanics, Department of industrial and materials Science. She specializes in composite mechanics. Her research interests include the optimization of polymer matrix composite processing techniques (heat and pressure cycles during curing), multifunctional composite materials, renewable materials (bio-composites) and advanced energy materials. Brina is also part of the Graphene Flagship.

Hasselblad Foundation

The Hasselblad Foundation grant programme was established in 2011 to acknowledge female researchers and enable them to continue and further develop their research. The intention is, to appropriate SEK 2,000,000 annually to be used as further research funding for two women researchers (SEK 1,000,000 each). Marina Rafajlovic, Assistant Professor at Department of Marine Sciences University of Gothenburg, was the second recipient of the 2018 grant.

Published: Fri 18 Jan 2019.