Vaishak Ramesh Sagar

Geometry assurance of laser processed metal components

Vaishak Ramesh Sagar, Product Development IMS, defends his doctoral thesis.
Vaishak Sagar works in the Geometry Assurance and Robust Design research group. His research focuses on the influence of laser metal processing such as laser heat treatment of sheet metals, selective laser melting of powder metals on geometric quality. Assigned under the theme of Smart Assembly, the research will contribute towards the development of methods and tools supporting design for manufacturing and assembly.
​P​ublic defence
Vaishak Ramesh Sagar

In every manufacturing process, the part being manufactured varies from the desired geometry. As a consequence, the product’s performance and aesthetic properties can get affected. To minimize the effects, it is critical to identify and deal with the geometric variation sources in the early phases of the product development process.
For novel laser-based manufacturing processes such as laser heat treatment of sheet metals, laser-assisted metal additive manufacturing, knowledge on geometric variation sources is limited. Also, the methods and tools in practice today may not be readily applicable to support in analyzing and minimizing the effect of variation.
The research presented in this thesis has focused on developing knowledge to provide insights into the effect of the aforementioned manufacturing processes on geometric variation and, thereby, assist in establishing methods and tools for the geometry assurance process. A set of geometric variation contributors are identified and solutions to minimize the effect on geometric variation are prescribed. Moreover, simulation methods are presented that enable accurate decision-making and demonstrate integration into the virtual product development setup. In summary, this thesis demonstrates the significance of considering geometry assurance in the product development process of laser processed metal components.


Page manager Published: Mon 31 May 2021.