The European investment in innovation and education through EIT Manufacturing is expected to strengthen Chalmers' ability to benefit for a long-term sustainable society. Photo: Production2030​​


Europe is investing in Gothenburg for future manufacturing and innovation

​Gothenburg is one of the five nodes within the new European network for innovation and education in future Manufacturing Industries. EIT - The European Institute of Innovation & Technology decided on December 5, 2018, to invest 450 million Euro to create the EIT Manufacturing Programme. EIT has chosen the consortium where Chalmers, AB Volvo, Sandvik, and RISE Research Institute collaborate with 46 other EU partners.
The aim of EIT Manufacturing is to raise European manufacturing industry to such a high level that the European Union can meet the fierce global competition for customers and jobs. EIT Manufacturing will create powerful innovation environments, advanced education and massive education efforts.

"It is incredibly important for Swedish and European industry to be able to compete on a global market. Chalmers is proud to be hosting the North-European node of this great investment in industrial innovation, education, and training. EIT Manufacturing will strengthen Chalmers’ ability to create impact towards a sustainable society," says Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers.

The headquarters of EIT Manufacturing is located in Paris. The five European innovation community nodes of the programme will be built in Gothenburg, Vienna, Milan, Bilbao and Darmstadt.

"The competition was tough. But our consortium could clearly demonstrate how industries, universities, and institutes will collaborate across Europe to create entrepreneurship, new businesses and jobs” says Johan Stahre, Professor at Chalmers, who coordinated the North-European Group in the winning consortium.

EIT Manufacturing
EIT Manufacturing is a seven-year initiative, starting in January 2019. The programme will be fully operational in 2020. Including the parties' co-funding, the investment will total more than two billion Euro. The strategic goals of EIT Manufacturing include life-long learning; engagement of students in manufacturing, efficient innovation systems, extensive digitalization, focus on individual customer demand, making industry manufacturing and products safer, environmentally sustainability, and healthier manufacturing industries in a broad span of aspects. Resources for innovation, education, and training will gradually be become available to all interested companies, universities, and institutes.

Johan Stahre, Professor, Chalmers, Interim Director of Colocation Centre North, +46 31 772 12 88
Klaus Beetz, chairman of EIT manufacturing

EIT, European Institute of Innovation & Technology
EIT is an independent organization in the EU, headquartered in Budapest, launched in 2008 to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Since then, the EIT has gradually financed and launched networks of universities, research labs and companies focused on climate, digitization, food, health, energy, raw materials, manufacturing and urban mobility.

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