Björn Johansson
Photographer: Daniel Karlsson​

Researcher in sustainable production appointed AAAS Fellow

​Björn Johansson, professor at Industrial and Materials Science, appointed AAAS fellow which is among the most distinct honors within the scientific community. ​
The election of Fellows is based on “efforts on behalf of the advancement of science, or its applications, are scientifically or socially distinguished” and Björn, through his work within the area of Production Systems and the approach throughout Sustainability contributions of his work, really lives up to this. Björn is one of few Swedish researchers who has been appointed AAAS Fellow.

Björn is being honored "For distinguished contributions to the field of sustainable production, particularly regarding environmental impact reduction methods and standards towards circular economy and resilience."

Björn Johansson performs research on how to investigate sustainability aspects regarding production by using virtual tools to analyze and improve production systems. The goal is to create and improve production systems in industries enabling a more sustainable future regarding environmental impact, social aspects, and the economy. The result of the research has created three standards, about 150 production systems improved worldwide, as well as a wide range of research results such as methods and tools that engineers in industry can use to analyze, create, and improve production systems for a more sustainable and resilient future.

AAAS was formed 1848 and is the world's largest multidisciplinary scientific society and a leading publisher of cutting-edge research through its Science family of journals. AAAS has over 100 000 members in more than 91 countries around the globe and millions of read articles yearly.

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Feb 2022.