Towards a Digital Twin for the Smart Factory

​Jimmy Ek and Tobias Norman Hult, Product Development, presents their master thesis project "Towards a Digital Twin for the Smart Factory
Undertitel - An evaluation of the concept and technology of a digital twin". On-line presentation.

​Supervisor/examiner - Andreas Dagman, IMS
Opponent - Albin Andersson

The topic of digital twins is a rather well known subject for products, but it is not the same for more complex systems such as production lines. However, during the last couple of years it has been expanding rapidly within the production industry with the help of Industry 4.0. This thesis evaluates the concept and the technology behind digital twins for the smart factory. It examines the different definitions of a digital twin, how far the technology has come, and what is required by small and medium-sized companies in the production industry to implement and create digital twins. A small-scale virtual model has been created to increase the understanding of the creation process which together with a literature study and interviews have been used to answer the research questions formulated in this thesis. It was found out that the digital twin is a complex concept still in an early stage of its maturity with divided opinions among different professions and academia of how it should be defined. A compiled definition of digital twins within the production industry is proposed together with an estimation of where the technology is today, as well as guidelines for implementing and creating a digital twin within the production industry.

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Category Student project presentation
Location: Digital presentation
Starts: 02 June, 2020, 10:00
Ends: 02 June, 2020, 11:00

Published: Mon 25 May 2020.