Thermal management of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Thermal Barrier Coatings

​Nagarajan Kumaresan presents his master thesis project. Online presentation.
Opponent 1: Sreehari Batni Ravindranath
Opponent 2: Rahul Gopinath
Supervisors at Scania AB: Karolina Länta and Alvaro Sanchez Exposito
Examiner: Uta Klement, IMS

Electrification is the new normal of the upcoming world. Electrified vehicles require a system to store the electrical energy and Li-ion battery systems are one of the top contenders for energy storage because of their high-power densities and repeatability in charging and discharging of the battery. Need for increasing the efficiency of the Li-ion batteries requires close packing of the cells in the battery which results in difficulties in thermal management of the Li-ion batteries. The objective of the thesis work is to experimentally verify if Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) can be used for preventing the thermal propagation in the Li-ion batteries and thereby stopping the accidents in electric vehicles related to Thermal Runaway (TR). Yttria Stabilised Zirconia (YSZ) is coated on aluminium plates by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) and Suspension Plasma Spraying (SPS). The two coatings are tested thermally and mechanically, and the results are compared with the thermal pads currently used in Li ion batteries. The results showed that the TBC coating is not comparable to the existing thermal pads in preventing the thermal propagation.  

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Location: Online
Starts: 18 October, 2021, 13:00
Ends: 18 October, 2021, 14:00

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