Human Motion Analysis based on Human Pose Estimation

​Rinkkhesh Venkatesulu & Shashank Venkatesh Koundinya​ present their master thesis project. On-line presentation.

Examiner: Cecilia Berlin, IMS
Supervisor: Roland Örtengren, IMS 
Opponents: Chethan Shivaraju & Vivek Koppal

In today’s scenario, the means of performing ergonomic assessment are mostly limited to obtaining the required information through manual observation. While this is good for assessing an already existing workplace, more accurate information can be obtained with the use of current tracking technology and valuable time can be saved in comparison with the manual way of observation.
This thesis attempts to automate the process of filling in a part of an ergonomic assessment in the AviX software from posture data. The work done also delves into the method of obtaining this posture data automatically from the use of appropriate systems. An exploration into the existing ergonomic standards pertaining to the scope of the thesis is also made. The different techniques to obtain movement data are discussed. Each technique is analyzed to find out the means of extracting the required posture data. The method to make it possible in real-time is described as well. An explanation of the working of the AviX software in storing information pertaining to the created tasks is given. The process of automatically modifying the task information in the software is described. A suitable experiment to test the entire procedure is also created and explained. A study of the person’s posture during the experiment is discussed.
The future possibilities with this method of obtaining movement data are also addressed and explained in this thesis. Suggestions on how to combine our thesis work with the work done in others are also given.

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Starts: 22 September, 2020, 13:15
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Published: Wed 16 Sep 2020.