Computational Alloy Design Applied to Powder Metallurgical Materials

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Karin Frisk
Karin Frisk has a PhD and Docent in Materials Science from KTH specialized in Computational Thermodynamics. 

She has worked 25 years at the Swedish Institute for Metals Research and Swerea as a research scientist in Powder Metallurgy and later as a research leader with the task to build up and develop a research group in Computational Alloy Design. 

Since the beginning of 2018 she is employed at Höganäs AB as a Senior Expert in Höganäs Alloy Labs, a newly started section dedicated to Computational Alloy Design.    

Computational Alloy Design Applied to Powder Metallurgical Materials
Computational methods are gaining importance as tools for accelerated development of new alloys as the advantages in terms of improved innovative potential and increased efficiency are clear. In this presentation, the use of CALPHAD type approaches, based on computational thermodynamics and kinetics, is addressed. These computational techniques are well suited to treat the complexity of the microstructures in multicomponent, metallic alloys, including the effect of processing. When designing new or improved alloys starting from metal powder these techniques are particularly interesting since the phase relations from the rapidly cooled metal powder particles to the sintered or compacted material can be predicted. The presentation will focus on showing several different applications for powder metallurgical materials, where a combination of calculations and experiments successfully has aided in the understanding of the microstructure development and the effect of alloying elements. Future possibilities associated with the analysis of large amounts of data, both those built into the CALPHAD models, and data produced by computational high-throughput screening of alloys, will also be discussed.  

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