A Holistic Approach to Integrated Roadmapping, A case study at Philips Business Unit Coffee

Carl N.K. Toller presents his Master thesis project.

Examiner: Göran Gustafsson

Can you predict the future? 
Are you able to paint me a picture of the world five years from now? I am convinced that you would be able to portray something for me, but whether it will persist the test of time or diminish by the time I finish my cup of coffee is another story. Yet, this has been the foundation for my master thesis at Philips BU Coffee. How to unmask the future correctly, time after time after time.

You are hereby invited to attend my final presentation about A Holistic Approach to Integrated Roadmapping, a master thesis in collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and Philips BU Coffee. Based on state of the art research and findings from the current state, we will walk through the identified core problems and their root causes as well as how to counteract them. I will provide support for unlocking the potential present in roadmapping and why asking three simple questions plays a crucial role in this. Through demonstrations, you will get insights into a new framework which can help in visualizing this potential while simultaneously creating a single, sometimes inconvenient, source of truth. I will explain why you should never assess a project but always the portfolio and how by doing less, you can get more things done. It will be an hour where we will glance at the past, reflect upon the present, and unmask the future. 

Please join me for my final presentation and share the passion for coffee.

Category Student project presentation
Location: Virtual Development Laboratory, laboratory,
Starts: 09 January, 2019, 11:00
Ends: 09 January, 2019, 12:00

Published: Tue 04 Dec 2018. Modified: Fri 07 Dec 2018