Our resources

Research in Electrical Engineering sometimes generates codes, tables and software that can be of use to fellow researchers and industry. Here we list a selection of these resources.

Biomedical Engineering

Software for the prediction of motion intent
BioPatRec is a research platform (in MATLAB) that allows you to easily implement a variety of algorithms for the development and benchmarking of advanced prosthetic control strategies based on pattern recognition of myoelectric signals. BioPatRec allows the prediction of motion intent through the decoding of muscular activity.

Contact: Max Ortiz Catalan


Spectre - short packet communication toolbox

Shannon theory describes fundamental limits of communication and compression systems. Classic closed-form results (such as the well known log(1 + SNR) formula) apply only to the regime of infinite blocklength (infinite packet size/ infinite delay).
For finite blocklengths, no closed-form results are usually obtainable, but there exist tight upper and lower bounds on fundamental limits, as well as approximations. This repository provides numerical routines to compute these bounds and these approximations for some popular channel and source models.

Contact: Giuseppe Durisi

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