Millimeter wave / THz antenna chamber

​The Millimeter wave / THz antenna chamber is a first-class education-scientific infrastructure that has been put into operation to contribute to further advances of wireless communication and sensor technologies in Sweden and Europe. The infrastructure is open to students, researchers, and collaborators from January 2021.

The antenna measurement equipment is suitable for characterisation of all standards and parameters of passive and active antenna systems, including antennas and devices developed for 5G/6G communications and beyond. Flexibility of reconfigurable antenna measurement system allows for all kind of tests, from research and development to prototyping and final product acceptance.

The measurement chamber offers an operation frequency range from 700 MHz up to 300 GHz. It comprises a reconfigurable-engineered mechanical setup allowing different types of measurements:

  • direct far-field (FF) measurements using a larger distance between the source antenna and antenna under test (AUT), 
  • spherical near-field (SNF) measurements for electrically larger antennas
  • indirect far-field measurements for electrically larger antennas using a compact antenna test range (CATR) setup
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) measurements, calibration, algorithm evaluation, etc., in the MATE testbed. The testbed has both a mmWave setup at 29 GHz, and configurations in the 1-3 GHz region, and a web interface for remote control.
    Read the publication Designing and characterizing MATE, the Chalmers mm-wave MIMO testbed.

Availability and booking

If you are interested in collaborating with us, you are welcome to contact Ashraf Uz Zaman, Antenna systems research unit.

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