Oscar Edvardsson won the student category of the Swedish Embedded Award 2014

​Chalmers’ student Oscar Edvardsson, from the Master’s programme Biomedical Engineering, was recently announced as winner of the Swedish Embedded Award 2014 in the Student category. He participated with his Master’s thesis project, supervised by the Department of Signals and Systems.

Oscar Edvardsson.Oscar Edvardsson’s thesis project named ‘Monitoring Device for Volume Targeted Ventilation of Infants’ is a system to measure the amount of air forced into the lungs of new-borns that require assisted ventilation after birth. Today, the care givers have no way of measuring the amount of air actually entering the lungs.

The lungs of an infant are more sensitive than the adults’, and especially premature babies who have underdeveloped lungs. Studies in animals have shown that already a few too large inflations during the first few minutes can cause lung damage and thus impaired oxygen uptake. Too small volumes may instead give poor oxygenation, with brain damage and even death as a result.

Ants Silberberg at the Department of Signals and Systems has been the supervisor of Oscar Edvardsson, and is also one of the researchers behind a study showing that today's ventilation therapy lacks reliable control of air volume during resuscitation.

Calculates the airflow
The system consists of a measuring module that is mounted in a disposable mask, to prevent the spread of infections. The module calculates the air flow, based on the measured pressure, and sends the clinical parameters to a base station. The measuring module contains the necessary electronics and communicates wirelessly with the base station, and the mask is compatible with equipment used in health care today.

The thesis project was conducted at Monivent, a start-up company from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, where Oscar Edvardsson is now employed.

“Our next step will be to proceed with product development at Monivent, by developing a prototype which, to begin with, will be tested and evaluated in simulation treatment on a manequin, and for resuscitation training of personnel. Then further development and clinical testing awaits, to finalize a product to be used in emergency care”, says Oscar Edvardsson.

The Award Ceremony
The award ceremony was held in conjunction with the Embedded Conference Scandinavia on November 4, 2014. The award is established by the industry association Svensk Elektronik, the magazine Elektronik i Norden, and Mälardalen University, and the prize includes not only diplomas, and honours, but also a scholarship of SEK 50 000.


Text: Malin Ulfvarson
Photo: Erik-Wilhelm Graef Behm

For more information about the project, contact Ants Silberberg, at the Department of Signals and Systems.


Page manager Published: Wed 03 Dec 2014.