Renewable energy

Kick-off for the Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre

​A future energy system that will be sustainable, where the electric power system will play a critical role in the realisation of the 100 precent renewables-based society. This is the vision of the Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre (SESBC).

To meet this vision, the centre will create a solid research platform where a team of researchers with different expertise work together towards the centre’s vision and goals. The kick-off meeting was the starting point for this journey where researchers from Chalmers met industrial partners to discuss potential projects. 

"We had a great turnout of 50 people who were interested in hearing about the centre and the projects. There was a genuine interest in the centre and the activities. I could see an engagement from everyone who participated,” says Massimo Bongiorno, Director of SESBC. 

"I was really hoping for a day full of energy where different partners took the opportunity to know each other and exchange ideas. To our joy, this was in fact the case,” says Anna Martinelli, Co-Director of SESBC.

Representatives from the Swedish Energy Agency was invited to speak about how the competence centres fit into the transition to a sustainable energy system. But they also spoke about their expectations from centres and how SESBC can contribute. 

"It is great news for Chalmers that this and other competence centres have been granted funding from the Energy Agency. I sincerely congratulate all the centres’ leaders and recognise their huge efforts during preparation of the proposals,” says Anna Martinelli.  

Twenty-five research projects were presented. 

"Every partner that I spoke with were very satisfied with the day and the projects. In the end, what I expect is projects that will contribute to the vision and the goals of the centre, where we take advantage of the high level of expertise that we have,” says Massimo Bongiorno.  

Although around 25 projects were presented, not all of them will be granted. Researchers have until 10 May to develop their idea and submit a project application, which will be sent to industrial partners and the centre Board. 

"The immediate goal now is to getting projects started, so that research projects can be initiated. In the longer term, I look forward to seeing new competences grow and students being educated in skills important for future technologies. The success of this centre will require a robust leadership but also an efficient exchange of knowledge in-between the layers that have been proposed,” says Anna Martinelli. 

In June, the first call of projects will be decided and granted. A second call will be announced in Autumn.

Written by: Sandra Tavakoli

For more information, contact:
​Massimo Bongiorno, Full Professor in power electronic applications for power systems​ at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Chalmers
Anna Martinelli, Professor in material science at the Department of Chemistry, Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Tue 10 May 2022.