CASE 2015 broke several measurable records

With a great number of submitted conference papers and over 300 participants, the CASE-Conference (IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering), that was recently held in Gothenburg, was a very successful event. The conference provided an important channel for information exchange between researchers and an opportunity for them to present and discuss their work. General Chair of the conference was Bengt Lennartson, professor of Automation at Chalmers University of Technology.
Preparations for the conference have been going on a long time and the expectations were high.

- I've been at all CASE conferences since its inception in 2005, and in 2008 I was asked to organize the conference in Gothenburg. It took a few years to agree on a suitable time, but the planning of CASE 2015 has been going on since then. It is clear that sometimes I was worried and wondered "how will this go?" Is Sweden and Gothenburg enough exciting and attractive? But now that everything is over, it feels just amazing. An important milestone was when we received 435 conference papers from 43 countries, which is 40% more than at any previous CASE conference. With that response, we had a good foundation, says Bengt Lennartson.

The conference has generated very positive feedback and Professor Bengt Lennartson, together with the team behind the conference, received appreciation from participants worldwide.
Bengt Lennartsson
- You have clearly set new and high standards for future CASE conferences, said Professor MengChu Zhou, New Jersey Department of Technology, chairman of the conference steering committee.

The theme of the conference was sustainability, and this was something that characterized the program. But also the feeling that the conference produced and the passion of the subject was characterized by sustainability.

- One of my most important contribution was referring to John Rockström, professor of environmental science at Stockholm University, in my opening speech. Johan Rockström provides examples of the disastrous consequences that global warming will have. I wanted to set the tone for the conference by urging the participants to take environmental issues seriously, says Bengt Lennartson.

The conference broke several measurable records, not just the number of submitted papers, but also the number of participants at the conference and the number of workshops before the conference.

- The only thing to complain about is good weather. We had the sun for two weeks in Gothenburg and the same day the conference started, the rain came. Apart from some small details, I feel that we could not have made it better. With banquet at the castle of Marstrand and a hugely positive response, I just feel a great and humble gratitude. Finally, a positive call on all colleagues: arranging a conference is not as hard as many claim, but a perfect way to put Chalmers on the map in the international scientific community, concludes Bengt Lennartson.

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