Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - A route to hearing for children with hearing disorders

​A bone anchored hearing aid can change the life of a person with a hearing disorder. Many children are in need of the implant, but the lack of information is great. A new film about BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) will serve to inform and support the parents.

Watch the trailer of the film, where Prof. Bo Håkansson of the department of Signals and systems talks about the advanced technique!

​Researchers from the department of Signals and systems, headed by Professor Bo Håkansson, have developed the technique, where an implant is attached to the skull bone. The sound vibrations are transmitted by the skull bone to the inner ear, giving the patient a form of natural hearing.

The lack of information about bone anchored hearing aids is great in schools, pre-schools and in health/hearing care. Parents need more knowledge in order to be more involved in the child´s habilitation and school/pre-school situation. Professionals need to be able to answer the questions from parents and to support the child and the family.

The new film aims to supply both parents and professionals with information about bone anchored hearing aids. It is produced by Barnplantorna, a national organisation for children with hearing aid implants, in cooperation with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and with Chalmers as one of the sponsors. In the film, Prof. Bo Håkansson among others talks about the development of the implant and the advantages of the advanced technique.

Page manager Published: Fri 05 Feb 2016.