Research within CHASE

The research within Chase is focusing on the following themes:
  • Antenna system design and characterization
  • Electromagnetic antenna design
  • OTA measurement of wireless devices
  • Computational electromagnetics
  • Signal processing
  • Communication systems
  • Bioelectromagnetics

Research projects

 Antenna Systems for V2X CommunicationAntenna Systems for V2X Communication

We examine how antenna systems should be designed and implemented in demanding vehicle/machine environments. The focus is to improve reliability in communication for safety-critical applications and to cater for other demanding services.

Project leader: Associate Prof. Fredrik Brännström, Chalmers
Partners: Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Smarteq, Bluetest, Chalmers, SP

Gap Waveguide
Gap Waveguide Frontend Demonstrator

The project aims at developing RF front end components needed to realize radio links at millimeterwaves by using the novel gap waveguide technology. Initially the focus was on packaging of MMICs and filter design at 38 GHz, and later on directive flat antennas for the 60 GHz band. The technologies developed will be commercialized by the project partners LEAX Arkivator AB and the startup Gapwaves AB. Gapwaves AB owns the IPR of the gap waveguide technology.

Project leader: Assistant Prof. Ashraf Uz Zaman, Chalmers
Partners: LEAX Arkivator, Gapwaves, Chalmers

Microwave Hyperthermia for Cancer Treatment

Hyperthermia enhances the response to established cancer therapies, leading to increased patient survival. However, there are challenges in the ability to deliver uniform target levels of hyperthermia under strict spatial and temporal parameters. The present project has the goal to introduce a new generation of hyperthermia systems into clinics.
Project leader: Assistant Prof. Hana Trefna, Chalmers
Partners: Elekta, VGR, Chalmers

Multi-Antenna Technologies for Wireless Access and Backhaul

Multi-Antenna Technologies for Wireless Access and Backhaul (MATWAB)

We explore some of the most emerging areas in the field of wireless communications, namely heterogeneous networks and large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO). These technologies promise to improve the coverage of future wireless networks and their power-efficiency with a view to meet the rapidly growing mobile traffic demands.

Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Giuseppe Durisi, Chalmers
Partners: Ericsson, Qamcom, Chalmers

Next Generation Array Antennas

The main advantage of active, electrically scanned array antennas (AESAs) is their capability to rapidly switch the antenna lobe between different directions. The last few decade’s advances in several technology areas have made AESAs of interest for wideband base station arrays, integrated multifunctional sensors and multi-beam satellite antennas to mention a few.
Project leader: Assoc. Prof. Marianna Ivashina, Chalmers and Assoc. Prof. Lars Jonsson, KTH
Partners: Ericsson, RUAG, Chalmers, KTH

Capacity Optimization for Wireless Systems

Capacity Optimization of LTE Wireless Systems Using OTA Testing with Statistical User-Data

The project aims at analyzing the effect of the user on the performance of wireless devices such as smart phones in LTE systems. Telenor AS will develop an “app” for Android phones that shall be used to gather user statistics. SP and Chalmers shall analyze the data and use this to determine how the network can be improved and in particular the multi-port antennas for the devices. The spinoff company Bluetest AB will use the results to further develop their successful test approach, and for standardization issues.

Project leader: Assistant Prof. Andrés Alayon Glazunov, Chalmers
Partners: Telenor, Bluetest AB, Chalmers, SP



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