Anna Dubois

WiSE seminar with Anna Dubois

Welcome to a WiSE lunch seminar with Anna Dubois, Chalmers’ First Vice President and Deputy CEO, Professor of industrial marketing and purchasing.
Anna Dubois will give a speech on the topic:
Gender reflections on my own career and an overview of current equality measures taken by Chalmers

Anna will reflect on her journey from denial (as a mechanical engineering student in the early 80’s) to action (as first vice president and chairwoman of the steering group for ‘Focus Gender Equality’), through a number of awareness building experiences over the years.
During the seminar, we offer lunch to participants who register before 11:00 on 3 May. Don´t forget to cancel your registration if you can´t attend. 

The seminar is open to anyone with an interest in female rolemodels within academia - especially from Chalmers, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, Borås University, and MedTech West.

WiSE – Women in Science – aims to create a supportive network for young female researchers during their academic career. WiSE is a joint project between MedTech West and the department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

Category Seminar
Location: EA, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, Campus Johanneberg
Starts: 07 May, 2019, 11:30
Ends: 07 May, 2019, 13:00

Published: Mon 06 May 2019.