Promotion lecture for Full Professor by Torsten Wik

​Titel: Battery management – how difficult can that be?
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Torsten Wik is Head of Unit at Automatic Control/Systems and Control/Electrical Engineering
Professor at Automatic Control/Systems and Control/Electrical Engineering 

Since rechargeable batteries were first invented some 160 years ago, they have increasingly affected our daily life through products ranging from miniature applications to vehicles, as well through large energy storages for power networks and industrial applications. 

Very early, rechargeable batteries were used for electric vehicles of different kinds before combustion engines became dominating in the early nineteen-hundreds. After playing a secluded role as energy provider for the starter, headlights, and instrumentation, they are now once more in the focus of the vehicle industry.  Today, the electrification of the transportation systems seems largely inevitable, until now spurred by legislation and idealism aiming for reduced emissions. However, we are now close to the tipping point where pure economical reasoning will be the main driving force and then the transition is expected to be very quick. 

An important distinction for this transition is that the costs then move from fuel and maintenance to cost of purchase. The batteries in an electric vehicle is the most expensive component of the vehicle, and it is also a component currently having a significant environmental footprint. Considering the total number of vehicles world-wide this means that it is outmost important that the batteries are used to their full potential without prematurely ageing them. This, is the task of the Battery Management System (BMS).

​So how difficult can it be to use a battery? After all, a battery is just an energy storage with two metal knobs to connect your application to. Indeed, the task seems deceivingly simple, but it can in fact be extremely difficult for exactly the same reason. The limiting factors for how we optimally should use the battery lie in cell internal electrochemical conditions that we cannot measure but have to estimate from measurements of current and voltage between the two knobs. This is the challenge that has already motivated extensive BMS research for decades.

In this seminar we will have a closer look at the problems faced when deciding how to use a battery, and highlight some of our work in the area, since we started some 15 years ago. 

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Starts: 23 June, 2021, 13:00
Ends: 23 June, 2021, 14:00

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