Massimo Bongiorno
​Photo: Oscar Mattsson, Fotografi Oscar AB

Challenges and opportunities in power electronics dominated grids

​Promotion lecture for Full Professor by Massimo Bongiorno, Division of Electric Power Engineering

​Abstract of talk

Europe, together with substantial parts of the world, is constantly and increasingly moving towards generating electricity from renewable energy sources (RES), and some future European energy scenarios even foresee a RES penetration close to 100% by 2050. RES are predominantly connected to the power system through power-electronic converters; in addition, power-electronic interfaces are added on the demand side (for example, smart loads, motor drive systems, industrial processes and charging systems for electric vehicles), and at the transmission level (flexible ac transmission systems, FACTS, and high-voltage direct current, HVDC, systems). For this reason, it is not unrealistic to consider that the future power systems will be dominated by power electronics at all different power and voltage levels.

The aim of this lecture is to highlight the main challenges that can be foreseen in the future power-electronic dominated grid, to discuss some of the latest developments and to indicate the opportunities that this kind of grids can offer.

Category Public lecture
Location: EA, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, EDIT staircase C, D och H
Starts: 27 February, 2020, 13:00
Ends: 27 February, 2020, 14:00

Published: Tue 11 Feb 2020.