Simon Nilsson, MPSES

Industrial involvement in ancillary services

​Conducted in cooperation with AFRY supervised by Anne Grevener and Jimmy Ehnberg

Examiner: Jimmy Ehnberg, Dept of Electrical Engineering
Opponent: Andreas Hellström


Industry have shown large potential in the provision of ancillary services both technical and economic. Despite the established potential, industrial involvement in ancillary service provision is infrequent in most parts of Europe and in most categories of ancillary services. Lack of knowledge is identified among the barriers to participation, both from industries and from system operators.
The aim of this study is to increase the utilization and facilitate the introduction of industrial resources in provision of ancillary services. The proposed strategy is to illustrate in what way different segments of industry can provide services. Further on the study propose the introduction of Ancillary Service Provision Methods. To facilitate the procedure of identifying potential processes or equipment that can be used to provide ancillary services.
The study confirms that the potential from industry to provide ancillary services is large. It have also been shown that industry can deliver ancillary services in a wide range of categories. Not only in Frequency Support but also in Voltage Support, System Restoration and Other Services.
The results show that the proposed strategy have a high potential of increasing the involvement of industry for provision of ancillary services.

Category Student project presentation
Location: Fredrik Lamm, meeting room, Hörsalsvägen 11, EDIT trappa A och B
Starts: 26 February, 2020, 16:00
Ends: 26 February, 2020, 17:00

Published: Thu 13 Feb 2020.