Ernad Mehinagic and Lejla Crnic, MPSYS

Blending regenerative and friction ABS braking of an electrified vehicle

Examiner: Nikolce Murgovski, Dept of Electrical Engineering


This thesis studies the possibility of braking by merging a frictional and regenerative brake system during an ABS intervention of an electrified vehicle. Two torque distribution controllers have been developed, one applying the maximal and the other a regulated regenerative brake torque. Due to the fast ramp-up time of the Electric Motor (EM), both controllers manage to reduce the brake distance compared to traditional ABS braking, while still maintaining vehicle stability, and simultaneously recuperating braking energy. Results show that the controller with a regulated amount of regenerative brake torque is more effective in reducing brake distance, whereas the controller with maximum regenerative brake torque gives a greater energy recuperation.
Category Student project presentation
Location: Web seminar
Starts: 17 September, 2020, 10:00
Ends: 17 September, 2020, 11:00

Published: Thu 03 Sep 2020.