Inauguration lecture, Stefan Pettersson

​Welcome to a lecture for the position Adjunct Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, held by Stefan Pettersson. 
Collaborative academia-institute-industry/society electromobility research

Vehicles run on electricity have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector. Furthermore, there will be no tail pipe emissions from the vehicle when run on electricity. Electricity can be generated in different ways and there is a great potential to produce it from renewable sources like wind, solar and water. Regardless of production, the flexibility of electricity generation ensures security of the energy and transportation system in the country, an advantage compared to be dependent on oil and carbon import from unstable countries.
Even though there are several advantages of running vehicles on electricity, there are several hinders as well that need to be addressed which give rise to much research possibilities. Focus of the speech will be on successful electromobility projects including partners from academia-institute-industry/society, including control engineering examples but also projects spanning several research disciplines. The speech will also include ideas how academia and institute can collaborate better.

Short bio:
Stefan Pettersson has a M.Sc. in Automation Engineering and a Ph.D. in Control Engineering and became an Associate Professor in Control Engineering at Chalmers University in 2004. During 2006-2009 Stefan worked in the automotive industry at Volvo Technology, mainly with the energy management of hybrid powertrains. Currently, Stefan is the Research Manager of the Electromobility application area at RISE Viktoria, and leads a group of more than twenty researchers. More than 30 projects are yearly performed, considering technology, behavior, business and society perspectives. Stefan is also responsible for the focus area of Energy and Environment for Mobility at RISE, discussing the industry needs and common projects from a fossil-free transport system perspective. Stefan became an adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in 2017, where he is part of the department council of Electrical Engineering discussing future research and possibilities.
Category Public lecture
Location: EC, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, Campus Johanneberg
Starts: 22 October, 2018, 10:00
Ends: 22 October, 2018, 11:00

Published: Mon 27 Aug 2018. Modified: Mon 15 Oct 2018