Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari, Electrical Engineering

Power Electronic Based DC Transformer for Off-shore Wind Energy Installations

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Babak Alikhanzadehalamdari is a PhD student in the Electrical machines and power electronics research group
Examiner is professor Torbjörn Thiringer​


The collection of power from wind turbines in the form of DC has several advantages over the AC. DC-DC converters are needed to boost-up the voltage from the low-voltage DC level of the turbines to the medium-voltage DC level of the MV grid to realize the DC-collection grid. 

In this project, the design of a DC-DC converter for off-shore wind energy installations is investigated. The dual-active-bridge (DAB) configuration is considered as a suitable candidate for this application. Different inverter topologies are compared against each other to find an appropriate building block for the DAB converter. The comparison has a focus on the capacitive energy storage requirement of the converters as well as the ratings of semiconductor switches. Additionally, the effects of different transformer winding connections on the operation of the converter are studied.  The leakage inductance of the intermediate transformer is considered as one of the design parameters. Analytical relations are derived from linking the leakage inductance requirement to the nominal operation requirements of the converter. Furthermore, the ZVS range of multilevel DAB converter is quantified analytically, as the high switching frequency signifies the ZVS operation for this converter.

Category Seminar
Starts: 22 October, 2020, 10:00
Ends: 22 October, 2020, 12:00

Published: Mon 28 Sep 2020.