Finite Element modeling of beam coupling impedances in particle accelerators

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PD Dr. Erion Gjonaj, Darmstadt University of Technology, Institute for Accelerator Science and Electromagnetic Fields​, Darmstadt , Germany

Finite Element modeling of beam coupling impedances in particle accelerators

Beam coupling impedances are important frequency-domain quantities describing the interaction of charged particle beams with the vacuum chamber in particle accelerators. Typically, coupling impedances are calculated via time domain simulations by computing first the wake potential of a particle bunch and then transforming it to the frequency domain. However, for specific classes of problems the time domain approach becomes numerically cumbersome. This is the case when, the low frequency impedance corresponding to the long range wakefields is required. Also, the calculation of resistive wall impedances and the simulation of beams moving along curved trajectories cannot be properly handled in the time domain. We will discuss a finite element framework for impedance calculations directly in the frequency domain. The method is based on the discretization of Maxwell equations using mixed finite element meshes and high order hierarchic approximation spaces. This includes a concatenation scheme based on a generalized S-Matrix formulation including the beam-cavity coupling. Application examples demonstrating the feasibility of this approach for very large accelerator structures will be presented.

Actual position: Privatdozent / Associated Professor at the Institute for Accelerator Science and Electromagnetic Fields
2008: Habilitation at the TU Darmstadt (with Thomas Weiland)
Since 2001: Research Group Leader: ”Coupled Problems and Multiphysics”, TU Darmstadt, Germany
2000-2001: CST of America Inc., Boston, MA, USA
1999: Postdoc at the TU Darmstadt, Germany
1998: PhD in theoretical physics, University of Siegen, Germany
1994: Graduation in theoretical physics, University of Tirana, Albania

Please note that this seminar has been postponed from an earlier date.​
Category Seminar
Location: Web seminar
Starts: 09 September, 2020, 10:00
Ends: 09 September, 2020, 11:00

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