Interaction Design

The division accommodates, besides research and education in interaction design, also research and education within visualization.


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Interaction Design concerns the interaction between people and products in which information technology is a central component. This can, for instance, be the design of the complex interface between the driver and the network of computers controlling a modern car, the interface and gameplay of modern computer games, the next generation of mobile communication devices or the integration of computational technology into our everyday things, such as "intelligent clothes".

Regardless of application area, a design perspective on the interaction between people and technology is central. This makes interaction design an increasingly important area in application and systems development, as well as in industrial and product design.

The Division of Interaction Design is carrying out research in Visualisation and Digital Representation where the focus is how the digital visual culture is created and interpreted. The research group Mobile Touch explores new ways to interact with digital content on mobile devices: design of applications for smart phones and tablets. The research group in Tangible and Tabletop Computing studies tangible user interface (TUIs) that allows the user to interact with computers through familiar tangible objects with the objective to develop and evaluate rich interfaces capitalizing on human vision, touch, and hearing, concurrently. The research area Gameplay design studies how rules and mechanics in games influence player interaction. The aim is both to contribute to the understanding of how people play games and how one can design games to encourage specific gameplay experiences. The research group Applied Robotics in Gothenburg wants to question technology-driven research and instead seek to understand robotic solutions in relation to human needs and everyday practices. The division is also performing research on vehicle interaction interfaces.

Research groups


The division is responsible for the two master's programmes Interaction Design and Technologies at Chalmers and Game Design & Technology ( at University of Gothenburg. 

The division also offers courses in Visualization and Digital Movie Making.

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