Visitors at Universeum trying out the VR Escape project.
Visitors at Universeum trying out the VR Escape project.
Photo: Josef Wideström

Student project exhibition challenges traditional views on new technology

​On 26-27 October Interaction Design master students at CSE presented their second-year projects at Universeum in Gothenburg. The project theme was #NyTeknik (New Technology), and extra focus was placed on attracting a non traditional audience to new technology, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and sensors.

The ambition of the project is to show that Interaction Design can play an important role in the innovation process, design work and implementation of new systems in this context. In the era of digitalization, public knowledge institutions such as museums, libraries and science centers are developing. New technology gives new possibilities for sharing knowledge, gaining new experiences, and attracting visitors. The exhibition was a success, with many visitors and a lot of interest from Universeum.

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