Their mathematical proofs make software safer

​Self-driving cars, bank apps, and pacemakers. As a society we depend more and more on software, but how can we make sure that software always works? Magnus Myreen and his colleagues at the department of Computer Science and Engineering investigate how to mathematically prove that an application is working correctly.
”The research I am doing aims to produce software that is as reliable as possible so that in the future we can build even more complex software.”

Our mobile phones and computers contain a lot of private information. One important aspect of the research project is to make sure that applications don’t leak sensitive information.

”If you have a banking app on your phone, and you also have some game, you don’t want the game to be able to tap in to your bank account.”

Instead of testing the software the research team uses mathematics to prove the software is always working to its specification.

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Page manager Published: Fri 23 Aug 2019.