Swedish Embedded Awards 2017

A shared first place was the result for Gabriel Ortiz and Fredrik Treven in the student category at the Swedish Embedded Awards, which was held in early November. The winning project, "A Framework for a Relative Real-Time Tracking System Based on Ultra-Wideband Technology", was conducted as a master thesis in the Embedded Electronic System Design master programme.
The growing number of applications in automated robots and vehicles has led to an increasing demand for positioning, location and tracking systems. The majority of methods currently in use are based on machine-vision systems, and require a direct line of sight between the tracking device and the target at all times, to carry out the desired functions. This limits the possible applications and makes them vulnerable to disturbances.

Gabriel Ortiz and Fredrik Treven have built a prototype for tracking devices, demonstrating an innovative variant of UWB positioning where a set of anchors follows the target's position, and maintains a specific distance to it. This is in contrast to common indoor positioning systems, where the target monitors its own position in relation to fixed reference points. Examples of gadgets that could follow you around in the future are shopping carts, suitcases, as well as various kinds of toys. 

The entire thesis is available here

Published: Fri 17 Nov 2017. Modified: Thu 30 Nov 2017