Research-based cybersecurity wins innovation award

When the recipients of the ÅForsk scholarship for "most innovative entrepreneurs 2020" was presented, Wissam Aoudi at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was on the list. His company Omen Technologies builds research-based cybersecurity solutions for the emerging IoT system sector.
Wissam Aoudi"As the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, and with the promises offered by the 5G technology, owners of cyber-physical systems and industrial control systems believe that connecting their systems and infrastructures to external networks, and to the Internet, is necessary to remain competitive in the market" says Wissam Aoudi, PhD student in the Networks and Systems division.  

Increased exposure to cyberattacks

Along with the openness and connectivity, industrial systems, including safety-critical components, face an increasing exposure to cyberattacks. Technologies are developing quickly, and the challenge of securing the to-be-connected systems leads industries to actively search for innovative solutions. 
"Omen Technologies offers novel research-based methods for monitoring these types of systems in real time to detect implausible behaviour that may be due to either intentional malicious manipulation or unintentional failures. Our ambition is to commercialize our research-based technology to bring it to full potential, and thus contribute to the sustainability and safety of the imminent transition into a highly connected and digitalized society" says Wissam Aoudi.

Omen Technologies is part of Chalmers Ventures Tech Transfer-program.

In this movie Wissam Aoudi describes the technology and the research behind it.

The ÅForsk scholarship

The scholarship is awarded so that the scholars with their solutions, services and products can create positive effects for social development. The scholars are selected through a nomination process where business developers from regionally based innovation environments across the country can suggest entrepreneurs. This year, a record number of applications were submitted.

Among the ten selected entrepreneurs, Johanna Nissén Karlsson and Simon Isaksson also represent Chalmers and Chalmers Ventures. 


Wissam Aoudi, PhD student, Networks and Systems, Computer Science and Engineering

Page manager Published: Tue 03 Nov 2020.