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The application is now closed until next year.​

Ever wondered why an ad for running shoes shows up in your Instagram feed right after you got a gym membership? Or how Spotify composes playlists with music you love but never knew existed before the app suggested it to you? Almost like your phone is your friend and knows what you like! But how? The answer is data analysis. 

When you see the shoe ad on your Instagram, it is not a coincidence. Instead, a data analyst has programmed some computers to understand that you will probably look for the right equipment for your exercise, and then showed you the shoe ad. Almost like a data-detective!

What is Girls Code Club?

Girls Code Club (GCC) welcomes girls who study at the gymnasium to participate in a coding bootcamp during three summer weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity to take your first step into the world of data analysis and meet other emerging enthusiasts!  

Do I need to know anything about coding?

A big part of coding actually consists in figuring out how to solve the problem at hand, sometimes with a pinch of math. You will then get the most out of GCC if you like to solve riddles but other than that, the event is for complete beginners and there is no need for any previous programming experience. All you need is a computer and a bunch of curiosity! 

What will I get out of the bootcamp?

As a participant of GCC, you will work with experienced professionals, explore programming and analyze data. This is an excellent opportunity to try out coding in a relaxed and fun environment!
You will also receive a small stipend of 2500 SEK at the end of July, given that you have attended and committed to the training.

What does day at GCC’s bootcamp look like?

Every day will start with the whole group together. Here, teachers and professionals will give presentations on various fields and applications in computing science. After a lunch break the group will split into smaller teams where you will work on the assigned daily tasks together with those in your team and under the supervision of assistants. As homework, you will have a chapter or two in an online and easy book to read. Most of the instruction, as well as the book, will be in English.

General info about GCC 2022

Period: from Thursday 16th of June to Friday 8th of July 2022, except for Midsummer eve.
Schedule: from 10:00 to 15:00 every weekday, including a 30-45 min lunch break. Observe that lunch is not included, but you will have access to microwaves and sitting areas. There are also multiple lunch restaurants nearby. English will be the most used language during the camp.
For further inquiries please contact: girlscodeclub.cse@chalmers.se​ ​​​

How to apply?

The application is now closed until next year.

Previous GCC  

 GCC ran in the summer of 2021 for the first time. Due to the pandemic, the bootcamp was then run totally on distance-mode to a small group of girls. Nevertheless, it was a true success. Read what your peers gave us as feedback! 

... we want to thank you for this club, and everything you taught us. It has been hard to wake up this early during summer break but we as a group have had a lot of fun together and we've gotten new friends from this program .... we want to thank you again for being great teachers and teaching us some programming in only three weeks ...

We behind GCC are

Ahmed Ali-Eldin Hassan: I am originally from Cairo, Egypt, where there is a lot of sun. I moved to Umeå in 2010 wishing to see polar bears and get a PhD, but unfortunately got to only fulfill the boring wish. I then moved to the US in 2017 to a state that I still misspell, and hence use only its abbreviation (MA). When I got hired at Chalmers in 2020, right after I signed my contract, the whole world celebrated my move by shutting down. I used to be a mediocre athlete, and a better basketball player, but then became a boring father and a computer scientist instead. Oh, and I lived in India for 2 years in the 90s, which still feel like a couple of years ago 

Ana Bove: I am originally from Uruguay, a small country in South America known for its football and for having three times as many cows than people! I did my bachelor in Argentina and my master in Uruguay. I moved to Sweden over 25 years ago to do my PhD and since then I have worked at Chalmers. I have a daughter starting her adult life and a lazy fat cozy cat! My big passion nowadays are horses. Otherwise, I enjoy reading a good book on a sunny and warm day or playing board games with friends.

Francisco Gomes: I am originally from the northeastern region of Brazil which is, of course, the best region in Brazil (no bias! ;) ). I visited Chalmers during my PhD and enjoyed my time here. Therefore, I decided to move to Sweden aiming to live in a society more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ individuals like myself. I love to play video games, board games (or any type of games really), and, to me, the only thing better than a fun competitive game is a challenging cooperative game. I’m passionate about teaching, particularly, getting people curious and excited about programming.

For further inquiries please contact: girlscodeclub.cse@chalmers.se​ ​​

Support and Sponsors 

GCC is run by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. GCC 2022 has also received funds from the educational area EDIT-I and ICT Area of Advance at Chalmers, Volvo, TestScouts, Tibco and Jeppesen, a Boeing company.​




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