Master's Thesis at CSE

The master thesis is a final, vital part of your Master of Science program, and is intended to provide you with the possibility to show your ability to integrate the knowledge from your education in individual, scientifically oriented work. The thesis is supposed to allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject at hand and to synthesize what you have learnt within your master program. It should also give an insight of the working processes used in the society at large and often within a company, public organizations or academic institutes.
The thesis work is done as an independent project at the end of your education, single-handed or in pairs. The department reserves itself a right to terminate the thesis project if a student is inactive for more than 3 months without a prior written consent from the supervisor, or if the progress or quality of the thesis project does not correspond to the department’s standards.

Page manager Published: Fri 14 Dec 2018.