Doctoral Programmes

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has doctoral education within two subjects: Computer Science and Engineering (at Chalmers and at the University of Gothenburg), and Bioscience (at Chalmers only).

Please note! To be admitted as a PhD student at the Department you have to apply for an open PhD position within the subject. All vacant positions are advertised.

Comprehensive, Doctoral Studies at the CSE Department:
Vice Head of Department, Doctoral Education: Agneta Nilsson
Administration: Eva Axelsson
Research school Computer Science and Engineering: 
Directors of Postgraduate Studies: Wolfgang Ahrendt and Nir Piterman
Research school, Biosciences:
Director of Postgraduate Studies: Thomas Andlid


Regulations for PhD-studies
Since the doctoral education at Computer Science and Engineering is running at both Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, it is important to be aware of the slight differences in the regulations:

Doctoral education, Chalmers University of Technology:

Doctoral education, University of Gothenburg

Doctoral education at Computer Science and Engineering, internal information.  

Published: Wed 10 Jul 2019.