​Chalmers Online Functional Programming Seminar Series

​Speaker: Nadia Polikarpova, UCSD

Liquid resource types for verification and synthesis

This talk presents a type system that combines Liquid Types with potential annotations from Automated Amortized Resource Analysis to enable fine-grained reasoning about resource consumption. Using Liquid Resource Types we can verify, for example, that insertion sort only makes as many steps as there are unordered pairs in its input list. We can also use these types in conjunctions with type-driven program synthesis to synthesize provably efficient programs
Nadia Polikarpova is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of California, San Diego. She completed her PhD in 2014 at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) under the supervision of Bertrand Meyer. After that, she spent almost three years as a postdoc at MIT CSAIL, working with Armando Solar-Lezama. Her research interests span the areas of programming languages and formal methods; in particular, she is interested in building practical tools and techniques that make it easier for programmers to construct secure and reliable software.

Category Public lecture
Location: Zoom, link above
Starts: 25 May, 2020, 16:00
Ends: 25 May, 2020, 17:00

Published: Thu 07 May 2020.