Developer-Targeted Performance Engineering

​Docent lecture by Philipp Leitner, Computer Science and Engineering

Systematically building complex Web-based systems that are not only functionally correct, but also sufficiently fast, is a problem that has long stumped the academic and practitioner communities alike. In my lecture, I will introduce basic concepts of software performance engineering for Web-based systems, and illustrate why current practices are often at odds with continuous deployment and “moving fast”. My research hypothesis is that we need performance engineering approaches that make software performance tangible and testable at development time, rather than relegating performance to an operations-time issue. I will present two highlights of my ongoing work in this direction: (1) performance microbenchmarking as part of CI builds, and (2) bringing runtime performance awareness to developers. I will close my lecture with an overview of future research on how software development bots could be used to advance developer-targeted performance engineering further.
​Philipp Leitner belongs to the Software Engineering division of Computer Science and Engineering.
Category Public lecture
Location: Jupiter 520, conference room, Hörselgången 5, Jupiter
Starts: 17 May, 2019, 13:15
Ends: 17 May, 2019, 14:30

Published: Tue 07 May 2019.