Öhrström´s research group

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In the Crystal Engineering group, led by Prof Lars Öhrström, we are interested in synthesis and characterisation of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent-organic frameworks (COFs) and crystal engineering with emphasis on host-guest aspects, environmental and pharmaceutical applications.

Check out our Metal-Organic Frameworks textbook in the inaugural collection of the ACS in Focus series published by the American Chemical Society, and our perspective in Science on MOFs and water: “An improved water-harvesting cycle”​.​​

We are also dedicated to Global Science and are since many years affiliated to the Berkeley Global Science Institute at the College of Chemistry, UC Berkeley and also to the joint Chalmers and Gothenburg University Global Sustainable Futures platform.

Main lines of research​

Rare example of a sheet-MOF

1. Research in Metal-Organic Frameworks focus on synthesis of new MOF materials for increased chemical and thermal stability, PFASs removal from drinking water, and new and unusual topologies. Here is a rare example of a sheet-MOF. We have also worked on naturally occurring MOFs.

2. We are specialised in structure determination by single crystal diffraction, with Dr Francoise Noa as main responsible, and are assisting Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory in this capacity.


3. Another specific interest is topology of network materials, from allotropes of the elements to MOFs and COFs. The picture below illustrates two different topology approaches to the iconic MOF-5 material giving the pcu- and cab-net respectively.

The hydrogen bond pattern in an unusual ternary co-crystal of vanillic acid with caffeine and nicotinamide

4. Research in molecular crystal engineering focuses on pharmaceutical applications of polymorphs and co-crystals, and related model compounds. Some of this work in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Below is the hydrogen bond pattern in an unusual ternary co-crystal of vanillic acid with caffeine and nicotinamide.

Community service and outreach activities

Related to the MOF and COF research, is the work of Prof Öhrström with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC.

For example the official IUPAC terminology recommendations for MOFs and coordination polymers.

Outreach activities are also important. We run regular podcast workshops for PhD-students and PostDocs creating Chalmers Short Stories and Prof Öhrström’s latest popular science book can be found here.​​

Current and former funding

Swedish research council, FORMAS, Olle Engkvists stiftelse, Chalmers Areas of Advance and Excellence Initiatives.