Bengt Nordén Laboratory

Research group leader: Professor Bengt Nordén
Researchers                                                PhD students                                                       
PhD Tamas Beke-Somfai                          Niklas Bosaeus
PhD Anna Reymer                                       Bobo Feng
PhD Per Thorén                                            Louise Fornander
                                                                         Piotr Hanczyc  
Post Doc                                                        Johan Johansson
Sandra Rocha                                               Maxim Kogan
                                                                         Maria Matson Dzebo
                                                                         Hanna Rydberg
                                                                         Lisha Wu
Our laboratory is involved in the development of spectroscopic and other, physical, chemical as well as biological, methodologies for studying structure, dynamics and interactions in systems that have biological or medicinal (therapeutic or diagnostic) relevance or in  bio-inspired supramolecular systems relevant in a nanoscience context.  Methodological development is combined with mechanistic studies focusing on problems related to how molecules interact with each other and determine function of specific biological processes, including enzymes and molecular machines and how this insight may be exploited further for the design of advanced supramolecular functionalities.
Nucleic acids, proteins and lipid membranes are studied in simplistic model systems as well as in more complex systems including live cells, to investigate thermodynamics and kinetics of, for example, transport and binding of drugs into DNA and cellular uptake mechanisms.  Experimental techniques such as polarized-light absorption (circular and linear dichroism), luminescence and time-resolved fast laser spectroscopy, calorimetry, electrophoresis and atom-force single-molecule microscopy are combined with theoretical approaches, including quantum chemical computations and molecular dynamics simulations.
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Published: Tue 26 Mar 2013. Modified: Mon 24 Nov 2014