Louise Olsson, recipient of The Håkan Frisinger Scholarship for Transportation Research 2016.
Louise Olsson, recipient of The Håkan Frisinger Scholarship for Transportation Research 2016.

Professor in chemistry gets awarded with Volvo scholarship

​Louise Olsson, professor in Chemical Reaction Engineering at Chalmers, is the recipient of The Håkan Frisinger Scholarship of SEK 250 000, for her research on emission cleaning from vehicles.

​Emissions from vehicles are not only harmful to our health but also to our environment. They contain toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides that can elevate the risk of asthma and cause acidification of the environment. There are also different hydrocarbons that can be cancerous and soot particles that are harmful.

In the past 20 years, Louise Olsson has dedicated herself to research on emission cleaning from vehicles using catalysis. In addition to her role as a professor, she is also Head of Division Chemical Engineering, and together with her research group of twelve people she is associated with the Competence Center for Catalysis (KCK). At KCK, they work with catalysis for emission cleaning and alternative fuel production.

- I work highly interdisciplinary with vehicle catalysis, where I combine experiments with developing kinetic models. I also work with basic science projects and have many applied projects together with the industry, says Louise Olsson.

On May 11, she will be rewarded for her extensive work on vehicle catalysis. After receiving the scholarship, she will hold a lecture on the subject. It appears that she is very pleased to be the recipient of 2016.

- It has been great fun to have been awarded The Håkan Frisinger scholarship. It is a great honor to get this recognition and very motivating for my continued work, says Louise Olsson.

The scholarship is awarded by Håkan Frisinger's foundation at a seminar on May 11, 13-16 at Chalmerska Huset, Södra Hamngatan 11, Gothenburg. Link to registration (in Swedish)


Håkan Frisinger was CEO of Volvo between 1983 and 1987 and Chairman of the Board between 1997 and 1999. Nomination of recipients of the Frisinger scholarship is conducted by the Chalmers University of Technology based on an agreement between Chalmers and Volvo Research & Educational Foundations (VREF)

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Text: Mariam Nordström


Published: Thu 18 May 2017.