Chalmers polymer technologist gets to present his work at the ERC jubilee

​Christian Müller, Associate Professor at Chemsitry and Chemical Engieering, is one of three very successful researchers who had the opportunity to present their research under the headline “Beyond expectations” when the European Research Council, ERC, celebrated their 10 year anniversary in Brussels March 21.

The 10th ERC birthday celebration was a remarkable event, with many inspiring presentations. It was very insightful to witness how journalists, politicians and, of course, scientists can together shape research policy.

With my presentation, I highlighted that research in one area can lead to unexpected insights in other fields. This process is often referred to as “cross-fertilization” says Christian Müller.

His ERC-projects involve using the energy from the heat from the human body using smart polymers. The aim is to create totally new textiles which makes the wearer an energy producer.

- I am fascinated by the multitude of properties that plastic materials can display. With my research, I hope to contribute to the lasting appeal of this unique class of materials, through incorporation of new functionalities in a sustainable fashion, says Christian Müller.

Within his researcher he is leading three major projects with totally different applications. Besides conductive textiles he is also researching about isolation of high-voltage cables, which gives higher efficiency and lower costs, and also how conductive plastics can contribute to more efficient solar cells.

In 2014 he became a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and 2016 he became a SSF Future Research Leader.
ERC was established by EU to finance distinguished researchers in Europe and their most creative ideas. They finance long-term, individual grants for curiosity-driven pioneering high-risk research and is of today financing around 7.000 researchers throughout Europe, of which most are younger than 40 years old.   

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Text: Mats Tiborn and Anita Fors

Page manager Published: Wed 03 May 2017.